My dad calls me Mae, but most people call me Maegan. Above all else, is Christ. I'm married to my hero and together we have three incredible, beautiful little boys. They sure know how to keep me busy, and I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom. I've always been a crafter, from knitting to hand embroidery to upcycling, and many things in between. Soon after my first son was born, I was searching for trays to hold his toys and activities. We try and implement a Montessori approach to raising our kiddos, so I wanted something clean, simple, and most importantly - durable. I eventually found myself at my local hardware store with a hank of cotton clothesline rope in my hand. I brought it home and sewed my first little bowl and that was it! This shop was born in the dining room of a little cape in Waldoboro, ME back in 2019 and I've been growing ever since. Being a NY native, I'm so proud to call Maine my home. The beauty and opportunity for a slower, simpler way of life here is like none other; I want the items I create to represent just that. 
My rope vessels are hand-coiled and sewn with polyester thread. Each piece is finished off with a cork tag. The cotton rope I use is unbleached and made locally here in Maine. There are countless hours behind each and every design. Each piece is unique and usually made with a toddler in my lap or a baby strapped to my chest. They are durable, hand-washable, and can be used in any aspect of your life. I also hand dye the rope in small batches using fiber reactive dyes and more recently, I started experimenting with natural dyestuffs that make for truly one of a kind pieces. I'm a one-woman show, so I also take care of social media, photography, and inquiries. I love it all! The Nestling Co. is proudly a member of Maine Made.
THANK YOU for allowing a little piece of Maine into your home.